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In the time I’ve spent looking at alcohol and substance abuse related news stories, prescription drug abuse has been particularly interesting to me. This growing trend is worrisome; even though numerous reports have been saying its a big issue for at least a year now, no one seems to be able to come up with a solution.

How do we teach kids that not all things found in a medicine cabinet are inherently safe? How do we help individuals that have an injury and get hooked on their pain killers recover? And how do we stop the growing group of people looking to exploit these other two groups?

The greater Virginia/Washington, D.C. area seems to have a fairly significant prescription drug abuse problem in many of  their communities. An article in The Washington Post outlines the steps being taken to combat this issue. Operation Cotton Candy is the investigation run through a collaboration of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, as well as various other agencies. (more…)

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Two gentleman’s clubs were raided on Tuesday by FBI agents looking to shut down a heroin ring being run in the Buffalo area. The owners of both of these clubs were not believed to be involved, although 26 others were arrested. Agents seized an unknown quantity of heroin, several weapons, two cars and approximately $20,000. The heroin involved is believed to be laced with horse tranquilizer, as one of the individuals arrested has previously served time in jail for distribution of laced heroin. Learn more by reading the YNN article here.

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