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New research suggests that the various types of marketing that appear on television, billboards, etc. during sports games are more likely to influence the way youths behave then the actual behavior of athletes. The large amount of alcohol advertising that takes place at sporting events and on television is encouraging youth to drink. It appears stories of athletes wild nights out, on the other hand, don’t affect teenagers’ decisions to drink at any significant level. (more…)


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Last Tuesday, the U.K. announced that they will be taking new steps to protect their citizens from the dangers of alcohol abuse. The most notable measure is a ban on “irresponsible promotions” which they describe as deals “that encourage people to drink quickly or irresponsibly.” For example, nights where women can drink for free or where anyone can drink to their content for a certain price.


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The other day I learned about a campaign in the U.K. called It’s No Joke that comedians are getting involved with in order to teach youth that there can be serious consequences to getting involved with drug and alcohol abuse. Even though the comedians are from the U.K. and have a bit of a different sense of humor or different ways of speaking, it’s definitely worth checking out their videos that you can find right on the homepage of their website.

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