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The Health Care Reform debate is continuing at a steady, although admittedly less intense, pace as people are becoming more vocal about their concerns and want to know more about just how it is going to affect the average American.

I’m curious about what regulations concerning smoking will come out of this process–if there will be new restrictions, new incentives to quit smoking, or nothing at all. Here are some current happenings in the smoking debate: (more…)

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and one of the big ways CASA is promoting smart decision making in Livingston County is through our prom initiatives. Today, students at Geneseo High School had the opportunity to sign Drug Free Pledges before their prom tomorrow evening. Early next week, we’re going to draw one name from the submissions and give a way a 22″ flat screen TV to a student who chose to make safe choices this weekend. (more…)

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Talking to your children about using drugs is never going to be easy, but parents who may have experimented or struggled with addiction face a particularly difficult situation with this topic. Do you tell the truth about what you did? If so, do you answer all of their questions or place boundaries? It is a hard place to be in and if a parent doesn’t prepare themselves for the conversation before hand, it can go badly. This website has some suggestions for parents who used drugs to have more successful discussions with their kids.

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In the time I’ve spent looking at alcohol and substance abuse related news stories, prescription drug abuse has been particularly interesting to me. This growing trend is worrisome; even though numerous reports have been saying its a big issue for at least a year now, no one seems to be able to come up with a solution.

How do we teach kids that not all things found in a medicine cabinet are inherently safe? How do we help individuals that have an injury and get hooked on their pain killers recover? And how do we stop the growing group of people looking to exploit these other two groups?

The greater Virginia/Washington, D.C. area seems to have a fairly significant prescription drug abuse problem in many of  their communities. An article in The Washington Post outlines the steps being taken to combat this issue. Operation Cotton Candy is the investigation run through a collaboration of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officials and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, as well as various other agencies. (more…)

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In a story that came out yesterday, a teacher at an elementary school in Florida apparently provided her students with mints in prescription pill bottles during standardized testing. The bottles read “Watson’s Whiz Kid Pharmacy. Take 1 tablet by mouth EVERY 5 MINUTES to cure FCAT jitters.” and at the bottom said “Ms. (Deborah) Falcon’s authorization required.” The grandmother who raised complaints about this situation said that she was told the teacher wanted to do ‘something special for the kids’ to help ‘mellow them out’. (more…)

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I saw a story yesterday from the LA Weekly about an 18-year-old who allegedly approached multiple students in local California elementary schools to get their urine so he could pass a drug screen. He offered two students money, but they both refused, and he tried to get a third to pee in a cup. Apparently being denied once wasn’t enough for this fool, because he tried the scheme again a few days later. He was arrested and is now being held on child annoyance accusations for $150,000 bail.

Seriously? It is sad how stupid this kid has got to be to try this not once but twice. Here’s a novel idea — stop doing drugs so you can pass a test without bothering innocent children.

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A few weeks ago, I remember turning on the news to hear the story of a bus driver down in Almond, NY who was drunk on the job. For those that don’t know, Almond is less then an hour south of Geneseo, NY. I watched the video of the children trying to figure out what was wrong, and then trying to convince the woman to stop before they all fled out of the back emergency door.

This news article talks about the punishment the bus driver received. If I was a member of this community, I would be furious. I still am outraged that this could happen. Many people have the perception that it is a lowly profession, but from what I’ve heard its actually a rather difficult position to obtain and maintain.

This is an excellent example of how one person’s substance abuse can drastically effect the lives of others. These children have a horrible memory of this ordeal, and much worse could have happened. The bus driver could have easily gotten into an accident (as I recall she missed a turn and then went into reverse to make up for it) and not only injured all her passengers, but injured many others as well–imagine if she collided with another bus!

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Boston University released a study last year that revealed approximately 10,000 children who ride the buses of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to school are exposed to alcohol advertisements on a daily basis.

A news article stated that Massachusetts already has laws that ban cigarettes, violence and nudity in advertisements on public property. ‘MBTA guidelines are inconsistent if they do not exclude underage exposure to alcohol ads’ – Michael Siegel, professor at BU’s School of Public Health


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A press release from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services discusses Leandra’s law, that was the focus of my last post. I pulled out some quotes from the release to share with you but take a closer look if you have the time.

“A DUI death occurs nearly every 40 minutes and an injury every 60 seconds in our state.”

“Law enforcement reported 9,202 alcohol-related crashes in 2008.”

“127 of those injured or killed were under the age of 10… 199 were under the age of 14… and 488 were 17 or younger.”

You don’t need to drink to have a good time, let alone drink and drive.

Spend New Year’s Eve how you want to spend the New Year… clean.

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In mid-December, a new law went into effect aimed at punishing adults who drive with children in their car. Leandra’s Law is named after a child who died when a driver flipped their vehicle over in Manhattan. Just this summer, eight people died when a mother drove under the influence on the Taconic Parkway and crossed into incoming traffic.

Apparently this wasn’t enough to stop some people… (more…)

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