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April is Alcohol Awareness Month, and one of the big ways CASA is promoting smart decision making in Livingston County is through our prom initiatives. Today, students at Geneseo High School had the opportunity to sign Drug Free Pledges before their prom tomorrow evening. Early next week, we’re going to draw one name from the submissions and give a way a 22″ flat screen TV to a student who chose to make safe choices this weekend. (more…)

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Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about a rise in alcohol abuse in women. In the January issue of Good Housekeeping, they profiled Rachael Brownell–a mother who was downing a bottle or more of wine each day while watching her young daughters. This morning, I read a story titled “So many women under the influence: Drunk and disengaged, they put themselves, others in danger”.

Locally, we all know the story of the mother last summer who killed 8 people while allegedly driving under the influence (I don’t know if the case has been prosecuted yet). Last year, a different mother in Rochester left her children at home alone when she ran out to get beer and came back to her house ablaze. One of her daughters died from her injuries. (more…)

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This video from Columbia University’s CASA has an interesting suggestions for parents on how to keep kids away from alcohol and other substances. From what I can tell this idea has been around for a long time but has never been strongly supported because it is difficult to prove how big of a role having family dinners has in discouraging drug and alcohol use. There has been some criticism of the survey that CASA did. Based on what I have seen in life I’m inclined to agree with CASA, but I also see that there are some issues with the way they did their survey.

What do others think about this? Who do you agree with?

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