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The Health Care Reform debate is continuing at a steady, although admittedly less intense, pace as people are becoming more vocal about their concerns and want to know more about just how it is going to affect the average American.

I’m curious about what regulations concerning smoking will come out of this process–if there will be new restrictions, new incentives to quit smoking, or nothing at all. Here are some current happenings in the smoking debate: (more…)

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E-Cigarettes are a product that have caused a fairly large amount of discussion over recent years but never truly grabbed media attention for a sustained period of time. This BBC article suggests that they may not be a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes after all.

True, the people who use e-cigarettes are not inhaling some of the harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes such as tar and carbon monoxide. However, very little research has been done to prove that these are some how healthier.

Several studies are currently exploring this but results won’t be released until later this year at best. Definitely use caution if you have chosen to use one of these devices instead of normal cigarettes.

Go here for help quitting smoking all together:

Visit here or call 1-800-quit-now

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