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I mentioned the “I Am Recovery” project on Tuesday so I thought I’d give you all more information about the program. It’s an initiative here in New York that shares the stories of individuals living successfully through recovery. Check out the site to read the stories of others for inspiration to keep going or share you own story to help others in their moments of weakness.

Here is the site!

Look at pictures from the 2nd annual National Recovery Rally.

Get added to their mailing list here.


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Over the last 10 years, reality television has continued to grow in popularity and has highlighted dating, the every day life of celebrities, and weight loss stories. More recently, shows that depict individual’s struggles with alcohol and substance abuse have grown in popularity.

MTV’s “True Life” series occasionally looked into the daily activities of people who drank frequently or abused drugs. Then VH1 started “Celebrity Rehab” where stars supposedly tried to change their ways. A&E’s “Intervention” won an Emmy in 2009. And after tomorrow night these shows will be joined by “Addicted,” brought to us by TLC.

The shows have depicted individuals at their worst moments, when they are often saying and doing things they wouldn’t if they were sober. Sometimes they are graphic, showing heroin users shooting up or drunks falling and hurting themselves.

An article in the Washington Post recently raised an important question–do these shows actually offer a chance for the people depicted to successfully recover?


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I recently came across an article online that talked about ABC Inc, Action for a Better Community, which offers some services that could be useful for individuals from those two counties. The article is primarily focused on their services for individuals in poverty but I went to the ABC Inc website to find out more about what they offer for individuals with chemical dependency.

Their most relevant program is New Directions,which is an outpatient clinic located on Chestnut Street for individuals with an alcohol addiction [325-5116, ext 3200].  Their other services–for children, employment, housing, etc–can be useful to some individuals struggling with chemical dependency and I suggest you check out their website to see if they have any programs that you can benefit from.

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Prevention and Education in all health arenas should become increasingly important in the United States as we work towards health reform.  It makes a lot of sense to focus on preventing people from becoming ill instead of focusing on how to care for them once they’re ill, although clearly that is a significant need too.


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