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Shawn Hemphill, owner of Memories Funeral Home in Rochester, NY, has decided to embark on an interesting new series of advertisements. Five new billboards in Rochester read “STOP the GUNS, DRUGS & VIOLENCE or be our next guest” or a similar message in either English or Spanish. Check it out here.

I think these billboards are great and am going to keep an eye out for them while driving around the city. People never believe that these behaviors can get them or their friends/family killed. Start thinking about your actions and decide if you want yourself or one of your family members to be Mr. Hemphill’s next customers.

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The community in the Tohono O’odham Nation reservation has had to alter many aspects of their lives because of drug smuggling. A New York Times article describes how the tribe is suffering from the occupation of border patrol officials trying to reduce drug smuggling (as well as human trafficking) along a 75-mile stretch of U.S. and Mexican border.

Many members of the tribe have had family members get involved in the drug trade because, they say, there simply are not enough legal jobs available. They also get involved out of fear of the consequences to saying no to members of drug cartels. Hundreds have gone to prison for their involvement.


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