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The Monroe County Department of Environmental Services and Wegmans are teaming up to help community members safely dispose of excess prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The first collection will take place this Saturday, April 24th, from 8 am to 1 pm at the Wegmans Irondequoit at 525 Titus Ave.

Last year, this partnership resulted in over 1,000 residents safely disposing of almost 3,000 pounds of pharmaceutical waste. Appointments aren’t needed.

The remaining three collections this year will be:

  • June 19th, Eastway Wegmans at 1955 Empire Blvd
  • August 14th, Chili-Paul Wegmans at 3175 Paul Rd and
  • October 2nd, Penfield Wegmans at 2157 Penfield Rd

The county is holding a separate collection this Sunday, April 25th, from 1 pm to 4 pm at the Jewish Community Federation at 441 East Ave. Read the press release here for more information.

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Shawn Hemphill, owner of Memories Funeral Home in Rochester, NY, has decided to embark on an interesting new series of advertisements. Five new billboards in Rochester read “STOP the GUNS, DRUGS & VIOLENCE or be our next guest” or a similar message in either English or Spanish. Check it out here.

I think these billboards are great and am going to keep an eye out for them while driving around the city. People never believe that these behaviors can get them or their friends/family killed. Start thinking about your actions and decide if you want yourself or one of your family members to be Mr. Hemphill’s next customers.

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Over the last 8 years, an increasing number of women in Monroe County have been driving under the influence and getting caught in the act. This article states that the number of men with DWIs dropped more than 25% during that time span, while the number of women rose 20%.

Some say this could be the result of changing gender roles. “We are seeing a lot of women come in doing relief drinking; they are under a lot of stress and pressure at home, working a full-time job and doing the majority of the child rearing,” said Sansone, a Chemical Dependency Counselor at Westfall Associates. This is an issue I’d previously discussed in my post ‘Women of the 21st century struggle with alcohol abuse’.

The idea that women who are feeling immense pressure to perform well both at work and at home are turning to alcohol to solve their problems is certainly troubling. What kind of programs can we offer to help women balance these aspects of their lives in a healthy manner?

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