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Two individuals associated with the Rochester Raiders indoor football team were arrested this week in connection to a 6-month long drug investigation, including the team’s medical director and a linebacker. At least one other individual was arrested in the initial bust that spanned five local counties and involved some degree of undercover police work.

The team’s owner pointed out to the D&C that this investigation was not focused on the team and it is unfortunate that two of their associates were involved in this scandal. He also said that he had not heard about the investigation until yesterday right around the time the arrests were made.

In the end, over 170 prescription pads, five doctor’s DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) ID numbers, and several thousand dollars were seized. At a press conference this morning, they said that as many as a dozen more arrests are expected as the investigation continues–including at least one other Raiders player. Check out the following news stories to learn more:

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

Rochester Homepage

The Livingston County News

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I recently came across an article online that talked about ABC Inc, Action for a Better Community, which offers some services that could be useful for individuals from those two counties. The article is primarily focused on their services for individuals in poverty but I went to the ABC Inc website to find out more about what they offer for individuals with chemical dependency.

Their most relevant program is New Directions,which is an outpatient clinic located on Chestnut Street for individuals with an alcohol addiction [325-5116, ext 3200].  Their other services–for children, employment, housing, etc–can be useful to some individuals struggling with chemical dependency and I suggest you check out their website to see if they have any programs that you can benefit from.

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