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In the coming days or weeks, President Obama and his White House Office of National Drug Control Policy staff–Deputy Director A. Thomas McLellan and Director Gil Kerlikowske–will be releasing a new National Drug Control Strategy.

The 2010 strategy will largely focus on aiding the recovery process. “Identify and work to remove real or perceived barriers to recovery” is one of the vital tasks listed in a newsletter released in January that is the first of a series that will keep the public informed of this office’s activities. (more…)

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Did you know that some parts of the United States have alarmingly high levels of hormones in their water? Scientists think that this is because of the large number of people with good intentions who flush old prescriptions in an effort to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Throwing prescriptions out in the garbage can also be unsafe if children, elderly family members, pets, or others get into it. Even if the trash isn’t tampered with, it can lead to contamination in a landfill. Unfortunately, until recently there hasn’t been a good alternative to dispose of the enormous quantities of prescriptions sitting in the medicine cabinets of people throughout the country.

Last year, Monroe County officials started a Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal program (find out more here). This is a free initiative that allows local residents to dispose of “Prescription and over-the-counter medications, ointments, sprays, inhalers, creams, vials and pet medications.”

An article from the local newspaper in Ithaca, NY said that “The first collection day in Monroe County… gathered more than 42,000 pills. Monroe County has gone on to hold five more collection days, resulting in 128 pound of hazardous substances, nearly 4,000 pounds of non-hazardous substances and 314 pounds of controlled substances.”

Drop off dates can be found at this site–the next one is coming up on Tuesday the 23rd. The website also says you can call (585) 753-7600, Option 3 for more information. I’m going to look into similar programs in the immediate Livingston County area and will update you all on what I find.

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In a story that came out yesterday, a teacher at an elementary school in Florida apparently provided her students with mints in prescription pill bottles during standardized testing. The bottles read “Watson’s Whiz Kid Pharmacy. Take 1 tablet by mouth EVERY 5 MINUTES to cure FCAT jitters.” and at the bottom said “Ms. (Deborah) Falcon’s authorization required.” The grandmother who raised complaints about this situation said that she was told the teacher wanted to do ‘something special for the kids’ to help ‘mellow them out’. (more…)

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I saw a story yesterday from the LA Weekly about an 18-year-old who allegedly approached multiple students in local California elementary schools to get their urine so he could pass a drug screen. He offered two students money, but they both refused, and he tried to get a third to pee in a cup. Apparently being denied once wasn’t enough for this fool, because he tried the scheme again a few days later. He was arrested and is now being held on child annoyance accusations for $150,000 bail.

Seriously? It is sad how stupid this kid has got to be to try this not once but twice. Here’s a novel idea — stop doing drugs so you can pass a test without bothering innocent children.

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With the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver just a few days away, I thought it would be interesting to see whats being said about steroid use among athletes. Using any kind of performance enhancing drug is strictly prohibited by the Olympic Committee, but that hasn’t stopped some from trying to get away with it.

Looking back into recent years, the biggest scandals of the Olympics that come to mind are the Chinese gymnasts of 2008 and the Michael Phelps bong photo controversy. I also remember Marion Jones losing all of her medals after it was discovered she used performance enhancing drugs several years ago (she also had to serve jail time).


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The Livingston County News had a story last week about a police sting throughout the Geneseo community that resulted in twelve violations for fake IDs. The report states that some students could see a police car outside, but decided to try their luck anyway. The sting found a combination of out-of-state and NYS licenses that had been tampered with.

By my estimate, the local police hold such stings anywhere from 2 to 5 or more times a semester. I don’t believe that they hold them when the college is not in full session, although there are plenty of youth that return to the community from their respective colleges during the summer months. According to the article, the sting occurred on Friday 1/29 at Kelly’s, The Vital, The IB, The Statesmen, and Geneseo Sugar Creek liquor store between 9 pm and 2 am.

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With the Superbowl 48 hours away, I just want to send a quick reminder out to football fans across the region to indulge responsibly. If you’re going to be drinking at home, remember your limits and snack throughout the game. If you’re going to a friends or a local bar to watch, don’t drink and drive. Have a pre-determined sober friend do the driving or give yourself at least one hour to sober up per drink–and again, snack throughout the game!

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