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I mentioned the “I Am Recovery” project on Tuesday so I thought I’d give you all more information about the program. It’s an initiative here in New York that shares the stories of individuals living successfully through recovery. Check out the site to read the stories of others for inspiration to keep going or share you own story to help others in their moments of weakness.

Here is the site!

Look at pictures from the 2nd annual National Recovery Rally.

Get added to their mailing list here.

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On Monday, OASAS announced a new $60,00 grant that will seek to mobilize organizations across the state to support recovery from alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions. The organization that was awarded the grant is called FOR-NY (Friends of Recovery-NY) and they plan on using it to conduct outreach to increase the number of individuals currently in recovery, conduct trainings to help professionals be more successful when working with those in recovery, and several other initiatives.

See the press release here.

Participate in the “I Am Recovery” project by clicking here.

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A press release from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services discusses Leandra’s law, that was the focus of my last post. I pulled out some quotes from the release to share with you but take a closer look if you have the time.

“A DUI death occurs nearly every 40 minutes and an injury every 60 seconds in our state.”

“Law enforcement reported 9,202 alcohol-related crashes in 2008.”

“127 of those injured or killed were under the age of 10… 199 were under the age of 14… and 488 were 17 or younger.”

You don’t need to drink to have a good time, let alone drink and drive.

Spend New Year’s Eve how you want to spend the New Year… clean.

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