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CASA and school red ribbon contests all across this NY County reinforce to kids, teens and tweens especially, that they can refuse to use alcohol. Kids then,  have a choice to make  -over and over again. To repeatedly make this choice takes persistence and commitment. Parents should recognize how difficult it can be for kids to make the “better” choice. 

Surprisingly, kids and even many parents have biased attitudes in the substance use arena. A kid’s world is smaller, relatively brief and very selective. They see what they see. Some see and encounter responsible use of alcohol or no use and assume that this is normal. Others see excessive use of alcohol around them and assume that everyone drinks, or will eventually drink. On average maybe 13% of substance abusers will actually go on to become addicts. Yet there are risk factors, genetic, social, etc that can move your risk up to 400%.  The media more often than not presents drinking and substance using as a popular and mostly harmless pastime, a simple and reversible choice and also a good coping mechanism.

Red Ribbon reminds us that we all have choices. If your friends drink, well, you still get to decide if you will drink. Accepting that everyone is doing it just isn’t accurate. It is only a convenient excuse to make the choice easier -for kids and for parents.


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The Monroe County Department of Environmental Services and Wegmans are teaming up to help community members safely dispose of excess prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The first collection will take place this Saturday, April 24th, from 8 am to 1 pm at the Wegmans Irondequoit at 525 Titus Ave.

Last year, this partnership resulted in over 1,000 residents safely disposing of almost 3,000 pounds of pharmaceutical waste. Appointments aren’t needed.

The remaining three collections this year will be:

  • June 19th, Eastway Wegmans at 1955 Empire Blvd
  • August 14th, Chili-Paul Wegmans at 3175 Paul Rd and
  • October 2nd, Penfield Wegmans at 2157 Penfield Rd

The county is holding a separate collection this Sunday, April 25th, from 1 pm to 4 pm at the Jewish Community Federation at 441 East Ave. Read the press release here for more information.

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I mentioned the “I Am Recovery” project on Tuesday so I thought I’d give you all more information about the program. It’s an initiative here in New York that shares the stories of individuals living successfully through recovery. Check out the site to read the stories of others for inspiration to keep going or share you own story to help others in their moments of weakness.

Here is the site!

Look at pictures from the 2nd annual National Recovery Rally.

Get added to their mailing list here.

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On Monday, OASAS announced a new $60,00 grant that will seek to mobilize organizations across the state to support recovery from alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions. The organization that was awarded the grant is called FOR-NY (Friends of Recovery-NY) and they plan on using it to conduct outreach to increase the number of individuals currently in recovery, conduct trainings to help professionals be more successful when working with those in recovery, and several other initiatives.

See the press release here.

Participate in the “I Am Recovery” project by clicking here.

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I wrote about the GLOW program’s hazardous waste & pharmaceutical collection a few weeks ago and wanted to remind you all that you can now call to make appointments. The collection will be held in Batavia on Saturday May 15th from 9-2, and is open to residents of Genesee, Livingston and Wayne counties. Call (585) 344-2580 or 1-800-836-1154 (for long distance) to make an appointment today!

List of acceptable materials: vehicle fluids (except motor oil), lead acid batteries, household cleaning products, pesticides & insecticides, polishes & waxes, resins & adhesives, oil based paint/stain (no latex), fluorescent light bulbs/tubes, pool chemicals, driveway sealer, 1 lb or 20 lb propane tanks, home computers, microwaves, TVs, and of course prescription medications (no needles!). Tires are also accepted but require a fee of $3 each.

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the Household Hazardous Waste collection program in Monroe county and said I’d look in to similar efforts in our area. Today I spoke to Peggy Grayson, coordinator of the GLOW program, who let me know that there will be a Hazardous Waste Collection day held on May 15th at the County Highway Department in Batavia. It will be open to all residents of Genesee, Livingston and Wayne Counties.

More information should be coming out at the end of next week, so I’ll update you on the specifics then. You have to register for an appointment, and she will begin taking appointments on March 15th. A list of acceptable materials is available here. For the first time, they will accept pharmaceuticals at this years collection. Other materials include a number of household chemicals, some car and computer parts, etc. A list of unacceptable materials is also available at the link above.

If you want to receive an email notification on March 15th to make your appointment, fill out this form. Please note that filling out this form does not mean you have an appointment–you will still have to call to schedule.

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Did you know that some parts of the United States have alarmingly high levels of hormones in their water? Scientists think that this is because of the large number of people with good intentions who flush old prescriptions in an effort to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Throwing prescriptions out in the garbage can also be unsafe if children, elderly family members, pets, or others get into it. Even if the trash isn’t tampered with, it can lead to contamination in a landfill. Unfortunately, until recently there hasn’t been a good alternative to dispose of the enormous quantities of prescriptions sitting in the medicine cabinets of people throughout the country.

Last year, Monroe County officials started a Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal program (find out more here). This is a free initiative that allows local residents to dispose of “Prescription and over-the-counter medications, ointments, sprays, inhalers, creams, vials and pet medications.”

An article from the local newspaper in Ithaca, NY said that “The first collection day in Monroe County… gathered more than 42,000 pills. Monroe County has gone on to hold five more collection days, resulting in 128 pound of hazardous substances, nearly 4,000 pounds of non-hazardous substances and 314 pounds of controlled substances.”

Drop off dates can be found at this site–the next one is coming up on Tuesday the 23rd. The website also says you can call (585) 753-7600, Option 3 for more information. I’m going to look into similar programs in the immediate Livingston County area and will update you all on what I find.

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