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Ever since the United States Congress passed the Health Care Reform bill, I’ve been curious what the impact of the bill will be on alcohol/substance abuse treatment and prevention services. Slowly, more information is becoming available on this matter.

According to the Legal Action Center, all of the new plans that are created “will be required to cover mental health and substance use disorder services.” Specifically,

  • Addiction and mental health benefits will be provided in the same manner as all other basic medical care.
  • A national prevention council will be created with the leadership of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.
  • There will be a new fund for public health and prevention that will distribute $15 billion over the course of 10 years in order to promote prevention in homes, schools and workplaces. (more…)

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Beginning on December 31, 2010, members of the United States Navy will no longer be able to smoke while aboard submarines. Approximately 35 to 40 percent of the 13,000 sailors currently serving on the Navy’s 71 submarines are smokers.

A study done in 2009 revealed that non-smoking individuals aboard naval ships were being negatively impacted by the smoking habits of their fellow sailors. Specifically, one article states that this study showed that the current method of using air scrubbers to remove the smoke was still leaving an “unacceptable level of secondhand smoke in the atmospheres of submerged submarines.” (more…)

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Shawn Hemphill, owner of Memories Funeral Home in Rochester, NY, has decided to embark on an interesting new series of advertisements. Five new billboards in Rochester read “STOP the GUNS, DRUGS & VIOLENCE or be our next guest” or a similar message in either English or Spanish. Check it out here.

I think these billboards are great and am going to keep an eye out for them while driving around the city. People never believe that these behaviors can get them or their friends/family killed. Start thinking about your actions and decide if you want yourself or one of your family members to be Mr. Hemphill’s next customers.

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Talking to your children about using drugs is never going to be easy, but parents who may have experimented or struggled with addiction face a particularly difficult situation with this topic. Do you tell the truth about what you did? If so, do you answer all of their questions or place boundaries? It is a hard place to be in and if a parent doesn’t prepare themselves for the conversation before hand, it can go badly. This website has some suggestions for parents who used drugs to have more successful discussions with their kids.

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Last week I heard a radio advertisement for an organization that I’d never heard of. RADD used to stand for Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving but now goes by “The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety” and has been around longer than I’ve been alive.

Some of the people who have supported this group include the Black Eyed Peas, Reba McEntire, Gavin DeGraw, Paul McCartney and countless others. The group targets teens and young adults to promote safe and sober driving, using designated drivers, and wearing seat belts, hoping to encourage people to make “responsible behavior the norm.”

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I mentioned the “I Am Recovery” project on Tuesday so I thought I’d give you all more information about the program. It’s an initiative here in New York that shares the stories of individuals living successfully through recovery. Check out the site to read the stories of others for inspiration to keep going or share you own story to help others in their moments of weakness.

Here is the site!

Look at pictures from the 2nd annual National Recovery Rally.

Get added to their mailing list here.

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